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How do I know my credit card info. will be secure?
We use the most trusted pay source on the internet--PayPal. Your card info. is routed through PayPal directly. None of your information is transmitted to any other site. You can trust PayPal.

How do I change my username and password?
You can change this by visiting the forum/discussion board. There you will find instructions on how to do this. Just follow the instructions and you will be able to accomplish what you need.

How do I know my ratings will really remain anonymous?

You will not be submitting your real name or other identifying information to our site--unless you want to. Some people choose to use their real names as usernames, however, this not recommended. Anonymity is the best way to for to work.


How do I know these ratings are real and accurate?

While makes every effort to review the ratings submitted for accuracy, the fact is that not every single rating can be reviewed. As a backup, however, we have the thousands of members as a resource to flag the fake reviews and advise us about which ratings are suspect. Additionally, does not permit a user to submit more than 4 ratings for the same judge within a one month period. This way the site controls how many "stacked" reviews may be submitted for the same judge.

Why am I periodically asked to answer the secret questions I was asked when registering?

This is done as a security control measure to protect you and Should another person obtain your user name and password they may maliciously post fake reviews with threats and the like and pass them off as your reviews. This would cause your account to be closed.