Rick Verticchio

Verticchio & Cadagin Face Off

Verticchio & Cadagin Face Off
It’s a new race

Rick Verticchio
Rick Verticchio
Ryan Cadagin
Ryan    Cadagin                   

Rick Verticchio:

Born and raised in Gillespie, Illinois, Rick has deep roots in Central and Southern Illinois, and holds the law in the highest regard. As the son of the Honorable Paul C. Verticchio, justice for the citizens of Illinois has always been the family business.  He graduated from Gillespie High School in 1971, Illinois College (Jacksonville, IL) in 1975, and from Southern Illinois University Law School, with Honors, in 1978. He has been practicing with the law firm of Verticchio & Verticchio ever since.

Rick has over 38 years of experience as a trial lawyer, specializing in litigation and municipal law. Besides extensive court room experience as principal owner of Verticchio & Verticchio, he has also served Macoupin County as Assistant State’s Attorney for two years and as Assistant Public Defender for six years. Rick’s exceptional career includes some landmark decisions, such as Village of Wilsonville v. Earthline – the first and only case in the state of Illinois where a toxic waste disposal handling company was ordered by the court to clean up a disposal site at its own expense and without out the use of public funds. Rick participated in the historic decision before the Illinois Supreme Court related to the statute of repose for medical malpractice. And Rick is currently involved in litigation related to the loss of the Benld elementary school due to mine subsidence. That case has been subject to multiple  decisions from the Illinois Appellate Court and the Illinois Supreme Court. Rick’s battle on behalf of his hometown school district continues. Last, but not least, he was sworn into the Supreme Court of the United States in 2014, adding another honor to an already successful career.

Rick puts Illinois families first, and has instilled similar values in his children.  His son, Jono, is Chief Public Defender for Macoupin County.  His eldest daughter, Gina, practices law at the family firm.  And his daughter, Juliana, is an OB/GYN physician in the St. Louis area.

 Rick currently resides in Carlinville, Illinois, with his wife Heidi, and his youngest two daughters, Maggie and Mia.  When not working or hitting the campaign trail, you can find Rick spending time watching the Cardinals play baseball and babysitting his grandkids, Gavin, Carmi, and Jace.

Ryan Cadagin:

Ryan, a lifelong resident of the 7th Circuit, is running to fill the vacancy left behind by the Honorable Patrick W. Kelley.

Ryan Cadagin was born and raised in Springfield, Illinois and grew up around the legal field. The son of the late Donald Cadagin, a former Sangamon County State’s Attorney and 7th Circuit Judge, Ryan witnessed the importance of the judicial system to the community from a young age. He graduated from Illinois State University and then decided to follow his father’s path earning his law degree from Southern Illinois University School of Law.

Ryan’s experience as a former Sangamon County prosecutor and as an attorney in private practice makes him well equipped to serve in the judicial position.  “My entire law career has been dedicated to helping, protecting, and serving our community,” said Cadagin.

Cadagin is a former prosecutor who has personally prosecuted serious felonies, including 1st Degree Murder, 2nd Degree Murder, Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault, Aggravated Driving Under the Influence, Residential Burglary, Home Invasion, Financial Exploitation of the Elderly, Armed Robbery, Robbery, and Official Misconduct. Cadagin currently owns and operates his own private practice where he has handled civil and criminal jury trials, adoptions, guardianships, family law, and estate planning. He also has served as the Sangamon County Hearing Officer since 2010.

Cadagin was honored to be rated “Recommended” by Illinois State Bar Association Judicial Advisory Poll and received the highest rating in areas of Integrity, Impartiality, Legal Ability, Temperament, Court Management, Health, and Sensitivity for the 7th Circuit candidates.

Cadagin is a member of Illinois State Bar Association, Vice President of the Sangamon County Bar Association, Vice President of the Friends of the Child Advocacy Center, and Vice President of the Friends of Sangamon County Drug Court, and former professor at the University of Illinois Springfield.

He resides in Springfield, Illinois with his wife Katherine and their daughter Patsy.