Judge James Martz


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Uploaded by aussie - Oct 20, 2016
http://www.southfloridateaparty.org: The South Florida Tea Party calls upon Palm Beach County Circuit Court Judge Jam...
http://www.southfloridateaparty.org: The South Florida Tea Party calls upon Palm Beach County Circuit Court Judge James Martz to resign his office effective immediately after conducting an independent investigation in allegations regarding the behavior of Judge Martz prior to and since the release of the "Unruly Judge" video.  The South Florida Tea Party confirms Judge Martz has brought shame upon himself and his office through numerous violations of the U.S. Constitution, the Florida Constitution, Florida Bar Rules and Judicial Cannons.  

Everett Wilkinson, Chairman of The South Florida Tea Party states:
"Our investigation was thorough, independently conducted with strict confidence, and uncovered numerous violations of the public trust, violations of both state and federal laws, all of which have become standard practice for Judge Martz since he entered the State Attorney's office under Barry Krischer's Democratic machine."

We will not stand by idly and permit the behavior of Judge Martz to continue at the expense of the civil rights of Palm Beach County residents who will now take action to demonstrate to Judge Martz why we refuse to tolerate his actions any longer.  It is the time we set the tone and force our elected officials to remember 'they derive their powers from the consent of the governed' and Judge Martz is a prime example.  

Our investigation revealed that Judge Martz' behavior is one in which his 'favorites' and their clients benefit in his courtroom while others are forced to endure his less than ethical behavior.  It became clear through interviews with lawyers and litigants appearing in front of Judge Martz as well as those who served with him at the State Attorney's office, that he is motivated solely by Palm Beach style opportunism and cronyism. 

A summary of actions leading us to demand about the resignation of Judge Martz include:

• Violating the public trust as well as both state and federal laws, 
• verbally abusing lawyers and litigants in his courtroom,
• failing to read and properly act upon pleadings presented in his courtroom,
• Lying to groups about his involvement in high-profile cases, wherein he violated civil rights of litigants,
• the integral role he played in helping his friend and former Judge Richard Wennet to punish Wennet's former girlfriend during the now famous "breasticles" scandal. 

Wilkinson concludes: "Thanks to the release of the video, more people will learn the truth about Judge Martz and we don't intend on giving up this cause until Judge Martz leaves the bench.  Even if he is reelected in the August 17th election, we will immediately request members of the Florida House of Representatives begin Section 17 Impeachment proceedings as detailed within the Florida Constitution."

South Florida Tea Party (SFTP) is the largest and oldest tea party in Florida.  SFTP has grown into a national organization, Tea Party Command at Liberty.com.  Current membership is over 100,000 and covers all fifty states.  Support is by individual contributions.

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