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If the name of the judge/candidate you want to rate is not in the Recent Ratings section of the Home Page or in the Best Judges or Hall of Shame section of the Home Page, please use the "Lookup a Judge" function on the Home Page (See image below for a sample).  If the name of the  judge/candidate is not in RobeProbe's database, you may add it simply by following the instructions that will appear after you cannot find the name.  

A NOTE ABOUT VIDEO RATINGS: If you intend to upload your own video rating where you are talking back to the judge/candidate (recommended for immediate impact), you may only submit a video AFTER completing the rating form. Uploading your own homemade video is FREE! Video ratings are also referred to as "ClipTiques".

If you want RobeProbe staff to read your written criticism aloud to the judge/candidate on video, RobeProbe shall upload a video that will appear in the judge's rating page along with your written comments. You must pay a SMALL FEE for RobeProbe to produce this video.

Sample Homemade ClipTique

Sample RobeProbe Staff Video

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NOTE ABOUT DELETING A RATING YOU LATER REGRET: If you submit a rating and later regret submitting it, you may delete it simply by logging-in again using the same username and password you used to submit the regretted rating and re-rate the judge with a new rating. The new rating will delete the old rating.