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Judge  Curtis Rappe ratings, reviews, biography, judicial performance Curtis B. Rappe Judge Curtis B. Rappe North America
Judical Biography:

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Total votes to retain this judge: 00

Total votes to Remove ("Diss-Robe") this Judge: 03
Notable decisions
Published Opinions
Knowledge of Law

"RobeRage" Control

Work Ethic

Absence of Racial Bias

Overall Ratings:
Very Bad
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Rating Very Bad Bad Adequate Good Excellent
Knowledge of Law        
Absence of Racial Bias        
Lack of Gender Bias        
Lack of Pro Prosecution Bias        
Lack of Pro Defense Bias (CIVIL)        
Motions to Suppress        
Lack of Pro Plaintiff Bias        
Avoidance of Pro Husband Bias        
Avoidance of Pro Wife Bias        
"RobeRage" Control        
Respect for Litigants        
Sentencing Leniency        
Avoids Vindictiveness in Sentencing        
Reasonableness in Imposing Fines        
Violations of Probation        
Respect for Handicapped        
Respect for Jurors        
Lack of Pompousness        
Ego Control        
Sense of Humor        
Respect for Lawyers        
Jury Trial Experience (while a lawyer)        
Knowledge of Evidence Rules        
Absence of Pro Debtor Bias        
Absence of Pro Creditor Bias        
Knowledge of Court Rules        
Respect for the Indigent        
Judicial Experience        
Lack of Nitpicking        
Absence of Private Behavior Reflecting Poorly on Judiciary        
Absence of Pre-judging Matters Before all Sides are heard        
Patience with New Attorneys        
Patience with Pro Se Litigants        
Respect for Pros Se Litigants        
Record of NOT Holding Lawyers in Contempt        
Record of NOT Holding Litigants in Contempt        
Absence of Religious/Ethnic Bias        
Record of Avoiding Conflicts of Interest        
Avoiding Politics in Decision Making        
Ability to Handle Complex Cases        
Ability to Get Parties to Settle        
Work Ethic        
Lack of Pro Defense Bias (CRIMINAL)        
Punctuality in Convening Court        
Notable Decisions        
Sense of Pragmatism        
Record of Letting Lawyers Try Cases Without Interfering During Trial        
Knowledge of Local Procedural Rules        
Reputation as a Trial Lawyer (while a lawyer)        
Avoids Delay in Rulings/Decisions        
Published Opinions        
Record on Appeal        
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